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Fireplace Buyers Guide

Choosing a Gas or Electric Fire

Gas and Electric Icons

Over the years, the design of gas and electric fires has become far more environmentally friendly, affordable and stylish. But the question is, gas vs electric fires: which is best? Although they both deliver a high performance, it is important to distinguish whether a gas or electric fire would best suit your home and personal tastes.

Benefits of Electric Fires

Recent electric fire innovations have combined the high performance of traditional wood-burners with a low maintenance and energy efficient design. They also offer a flame-effect option which, when operated, instantly adds an inviting, warming glow to the room. Other qualities of an electric fire include:

Electric Fire
  • A glass front panel to cover the flame effect for complete safety
  • No toxic greenhouse gas emissions
  • Versatility
  • Low maintenance
  • Extensive range of design options
  • Free from all unclean material such as smoke, carbon monoxide and soot
  • Do not require a flue or chimney
  • You have the option of using the flame effect without the heat

Benefits of Gas Fires

A popular choice amongst homeowners, gas fires can add character and ambience to any room, with the warming effect of a flickering flame without the mess of a solid fuel fire. Benefits of gas fires include:

Gas Fire
  • High heat output
  • Living flame
  • Can still function in the event of a power cut or boiler breakdown
  • Quieter operation as there is no noisy fan in the unit
  • Provides instant heat
  • Easy to use controls
  • Can incorporate a timer and a thermostat
  • Requires no fuel storage space
  • A chimney isn’t always required for installation

Benefits of Gas Fires vs Solid Fuel

Developments in gas fire designs have meant they can now offer a host of benefits over solid fuel fires, including:

  • Less mess: gas fires do not produce any ash residue or nasty odours making them a low-maintenance option
  • Cost: with gas prices coming down and the cost of storing logs for a solid fuel fire increasing, gas fires are proving to be far less costly to run
  • Safer: the flame effect of a gas fire eliminates any risk of injury when the fire is in use

Gas vs Electric Fire Costs

Running Costs

Gas Fires are cheaper to run than electric fires

While ease of use and efficiency are key considerations when choosing a new fire, ultimately, it must fit within your budget. When comparing the two designs, gas fires are typically a more cost-effective option than electric fires as they can heat an entire room using less energy, saving you a significant amount on your energy bills.

Furthermore, electricity is one of the most expensive forms of heating fuels, so while the unit may be cheap to buy initially, the running costs can be high. That said, electric fires have a flame effect which can be run without providing any heating - eliminating any energy costs.