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How to Restore Marble Fireplaces

Marble fireplaces are a beautiful addition to any living space – they are elegant, durable and can become the focal point of your room without overshadowing the other elements of your space. However, marble fireplaces can be difficult to clean and doing so can take time and effort to ensure your fireplace maintains its looks. This article will give you some tips on how to keep your fireplace in the best condition possible.

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You don’t need any extravagant cleaning products or techniques to clean a marble fireplace, but it helps to have a clear idea of what to do before you set out. Start with soaking a cloth in some warm water mixed with normal mild detergent. To clean the surface, use a circular motion from the bottom upwards. This avoids any streaking on the surface, leaving your fireplace as clean and shiny as possible. Once you have used the cloth and detergent, the next step is to rinse the surface. This is easily done with a sponge and clean water, but make sure to refresh the water to avoid leaving any marks on the surface. You can then dry the surface with an absorbent cloth.

One of the risks of having a marble fireplace is that it can be prone to stains. However, there are steps you can take to avoid this problem, whether it’s dirt, smoke or rust, there are cleaning techniques to help you deal with them.

  • Dirt – mix whiting and household bleach together to remove any stubborn dirt stains. A pound of whiting is enough for a square foot of marble, and is available from most DIY stores.
  • Smoke – mix baking soda with liquid laundry bleach to tackle this problem.
  • Rust – whiting and rust-removal jelly are all you need to remove any rust from your fireplace.
  • Oil & grease – whiting and acetone mixture.

The above combinations are all homemade pastes that do a perfect job of tackling stains. Applying the mixture can be quite time-consuming, but you will see that the results are definitely worth it.

To apply the mixture, don your rubber gloves and spread a ½ inch layer of the required paste over the stain. Cover this area with cling-film or cellophane, and make sure it is firmly stuck down (this way it doesn’t dry up). Leave the paste overnight (or a full 24 hours for particularly stubborn stains) and then scrape off with a wooden or plastic spatula, then rinse off any excess material.

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